by Cris Lubrick

It's that time of year again-- the one where we flex our blogging muscles to be a part Heather's blog tour! She has released a new line of fabrics for Windham Fabrics called Paper Obsessed, and we are, of course, obsessed. (too many commas?) Our personal favorites are the college-ruled paper and paper airplanes (white printed on white fabric makes me swoon). Eric worked with Heather to create a new look book, and the images are such a great representation of the spirit of the fabric and designs. The whole vibe is fresh and clean-- just like the feeling of opening up a new notebook or a fresh package of pens. Anyone who still gets giddy seeing back-to-school supplies pop up even when you have no need for them can feel me on this one.

This year, we wanted to share some behind-the-scenes videos of outtakes. The final products look amazing, but it can take an army to get you there. (hit the play button in the bottom left-hand corner to view or re-view)

Take handling a tired 1 year-old, for instance. 

You would never know it was bed-time in the final image! Air Traffic Control Quilt by Heather Givans

Paper Obsessed by Heather Givans - photo by Eric Lubrick

For the look book cover, Annie and Jude had some super cute fun with paper airplanes. Aerodynamics Quilt by Heather Givans

Their final image!

Paper Obsessed fabric by Heather Givans - photo by Eric Lubrick

And some sweet shots of Brooke in the Kelly dress by Karen LePage, looking like a legit fashion model in the streets of Indy.

Her perfect final image: 

Paper Obsessed fabric by Heather Givans - photo by Eric Lubrick

You can follow along with the rest of the blog tour by going to Crimson Tate's blog each day! Next up is Annie Unrein.

Okay, so now for your chance to win! Windham Fabrics is giving away a collection of fat quarters at every stop on the tour! Heather is also giving away the Correspondence Mini Quilt pattern and Paper Obsessed swag to each winner. It will be a very good mail day if you win. We have a few tricks up our sleeve here and are giving you up to 3 possible entries into the giveaway at our stop. Please read all steps carefully!

1) comment below with a way to contact you-- please leave your email in your comment even if it asks you to include an email in order to post a comment! this is important for us to be sure that we can reach you!!  (if you're afraid of spammers, feel free to include email spelled out i.e. youareawesome at gmail dot com) = 1 entry

2) head to pinterest to follow @crimsontate (leave your pinterest handle i.e. @crimsontate in your comment below so we can verify that you are indeed a follower) = 1 entry

3) re-pin a pin from any of the @crimsontate boards on pinterest (we're partial to the Paper Obsessed Fabric board at the moment) = 1 entry

You can include all of these in 1 comment, if you'd like. If you're already following @crimsontate on pinterest, we love you for it! Just leave your pinterest handle. And remember--include your email address in the body of your comment!

There you have it. Videos to catch behind-the-scenes-fun, 3 chances to win, links to inspiration on Pinterest. All in a day's work. Thanks so much for reading!


P.S. If you enjoyed this post, check out last year's Succulent Garden Fabric blog tour. You can also see more of Eric's work here.

Images by Eric Lubrick


Succulent Fabric by Heather Givans for Crimson Tate!

by Cris Lubrick

Hi friends! We've been knee-deep in the trenches of new parenthood, but we're dusting off the blog because we have a really exciting project to share. Our great friend, Heather Givans, has created an amazing line for Windham Fabrics that is now available! Her designs center around succulents, a plant we're partial to for their low-maintenance attitude and a need for warm temps and sunshine. Heather works tirelessly to create amazing goods, design beautiful fabrics, and promote creativity in the Indianapolis area and around the country. You cannot leave her store, Crimson Tate, without feeling inspired and filled to the brim with good vibes-- even if you're the most novice seamstress and just enjoy pretty things and lots of laughs (ahem). 

Eric and Heather like to talk about their creative dreams, and this project and collaboration to document and feature her fabrics has been one long in the making. They brainstormed locations, we scouted some spots, and she decided on some of our favorites in the city-- Kristofer Bowman's shop-- The Inventorialist, the Garfield Park Conservatory, her own shop-- Crimson Tate, and our very own home. We've shared the link to the look book on a couple of other platforms, but you can find it and all of the fabrics that are available on Windham's website here! Eric appreciates Heather's eye for detail and the way her style and energy elevated the experience. So many people also contributed really great goods to display the range of this fun and lovely line. I'm allowed to brag on Eric and Heather because I love them, and I just think the photos are amazing.

Here are some of our favorites.

Sewn by Samantha Howard of  Bobaloo !

Sewn by Samantha Howard of Bobaloo!

Sewn by Kathy Crose and Meghan Eschbaugh.

Sewn by Kathy Crose and Meghan Eschbaugh.

Succulent Garden quilt designed and pieced by  Heather Givans . Quilted by  Karen McTavish .

Succulent Garden quilt designed and pieced by Heather Givans. Quilted by Karen McTavish.

baby Dash pants (!!) sewn by Heather Jones of  Olive and Ollie .

baby Dash pants (!!) sewn by Heather Jones of Olive and Ollie.

These two...doin' the work...

Potting Station quilt designed and pieced by Lindsay Lefevere of  Ellesquare . Quilted by  Melissa Averinos .

Potting Station quilt designed and pieced by Lindsay Lefevere of Ellesquare. Quilted by Melissa Averinos.

Detail and back of Succulent Garden by  Heather Givans .

Detail and back of Succulent Garden by Heather Givans.

We're excited to see what she has in the works for her next line! Go Heather!!

UPDATE: Leave a comment below for a chance to win a fat quarter bundle of Succulents courtesy of Windham Fabrics! 

Images by Eric Lubrick



baby shower fun

by Cris Lubrick

We're in the waiting stage for baby boy Lubrick, so we're taking the opportunity to catch up and do a little creating. Get ready for some posts!


In mid-May, we got together with some friends in Canterbury Park off the Monon Trail to do a little celebrating. The weather was awesome, and despite a dispute over a shelter space with an unfriendly group celebrating a first birthday, we had a great day! No really...sometimes all it takes is a jerk to bring people even closer together. We rallied, relocated, ate, drank, and made merry. 


We don't have detail shots to share, but we did set up a "photo booth", which is always so much better. Luckily we have friends that enjoy a good photo booth.


Many, many thanks to everyone who came and showered us with love, gifts, and colorful pom poms! And extra special thanks and hugs to Erin for being a boss and the best possible hostess. Looking back on this day makes me happy, which I'm sure is good for the baby.

photo project: feathers

by Cris Lubrick

How are you holding up? We're excited to say that we made it through February and even a March snow without going completely off our rockers. The winter blues hit hard in our household, but we've been keeping busy. I have tried my best to recognize the extra sunshine that has come with the colder temperatures, appreciate the moments of rest that come with shorter days, and bundle up extra warm to get outside and stay active. Eric has had some time in the studio to work on a few art projects, including one using feathers from our trip to the farm over Thanksgiving. I'm really loving the colors and composition-- looking at these photos is a little like breathing in Spring.


We also wanted to share a new Indiana print that Eric is selling at Agrarian, Indy's first and only urban homesteading store. It's right around the corner from us, and while we don't need urban farming supplies, we like to browse the selection of locally sourced gifts, products, and honey. 


Let us know what you think!

And also if you have any good tips for making it through the winter...

Images by Eric Lubrick

p.s. You can see another of Eric's Indiana prints here.

snow day catch-up: Joshua Tree, holidays, and good news

by Cris Lubrick

Happy 2014! We are taking full advantage of a freezing snow day (-9 degrees at the moment) to catch up on our much-neglected blog. We'll play a little catch-up with some of our favorite images and events since our post about Palm Springs, starting with Joshua Tree National Park. We spent our first anniversary in an incredibly magical place. The change of terrain with increased elevation called for more photos than the ones we've chosen, and the sunset was better than amazing. If you need more information about making a trip here, contact us and we'll be happy to help. There's just something about the desert.


In October, we were so excited to say hello to our new niece, Evelyn Faith. Eric's sister, Julie, gave birth on October 24 in Louisville, KY.  Evelyn is so much bigger than this now, but how precious is this baby girl? We included a few photos of her with her Lubrick aunts and uncles, who will spoil her with pretty things in a family of little boys.


Thanksgiving weekend was a blur of driving and family and eating (all great things). We celebrated Thanksgivukkah with our extended family in a log cabin on their family farm. Eric is working on an art project  and was in need of feathers, so we went back out to the farm the next day.  The weather was great, and these photos give me good feelings.


Next up is Christmas. Please forgive these Instagram photos. Resolution for 2014: take more photos of family events with a decent camera. Also: include the entire family.


The most exciting highlight since our last post is likely why we haven't posted at all. Sometimes big events shake you up a little bit and make some of the work that you do feel like it can't compare to the feelings and happenings inside you. At the beginning of November, we found out that we were expecting a baby (!!!). In the beginning of December, we were able to hear and see the little heartbeat. And on Christmas Eve, thanks to new technology and a blood sample from me, we got the news that we're having a baby BOY.


We are due in July, and we are feeling equal parts of every emotion. Mostly excitement and joy and nervousness. We have been blessed by the excitement of those that we've shared the news with so far, and are happy to now share it here. We'll get back in the swing of this blog.

On New Year's Eve, we resolved with friends to "start, stop, and continue" in 2014. 

Cris: start-- finishing all of the projects I tend to start (better follow through?), stop--being unkind to my husband (we can all be a little better to those that we're closest to), continue-- smoothies, exercise, self-care

Eric: start-- caring less about the things that he's not interested in, stop--being lazy (keep pushing art and projects and activity), continue-- fishing (I love him)


Thank you for spending time with us in 2013, and we look forward to exciting new things to come! Stay safe and warm and wonderful.


Images by Eric Lubrick