Studio Visit: Ape & Bird in Providence, RI

by Eric Lubrick

About 3 weeks ago I made an inspiring trip to Providence RI to help document an amazing non-profit arts organization and community called AS220. While I was there, I met a lot of badass artists. In the next couple of weeks, I plan on having a more in-depth post featuring AS220. But for now I’d like to share with you the couple April and Richer, who own the company Ape & Bird.


I quickly realized that it’s because of people like them that I love my job as a photographer. They are the definition of makers and have all kinds of cool goods. I walked into their studio to find 5 panel hats, purses, reclaimed wooden bow ties, bottle openers and coolest of all, ukuleles made out of upcycled skateboards and cigar boxes. 


The entire time I was with them, I felt as though I should be making art, something, anything. Not only were they passionate about their craft but also about their vision to recycle and repurpose materials into beautiful handmade objects. The space was well-lit and streamlined, and they were warm and down to earth. These guys are the real deal.


I walked out of their studio with my new favorite hat. It ended up being perfect for our trip to the desert.


p.s. You can also follow Ape & Bird on instagram and like their page on Fa cebook.