New Indiana Print!

by Cris Lubrick

It's a great day for love. As I listened to the radio and read through my Twitter feed, my eyes filled with tears at the good that can happen when the human spirit pushes towards openness. Every day we are bombarded with bad news, closed minds, and loud talkers. Love, truth, and fairness aren't the squeaky wheels that get the oil (forgive that analogy), but it seems that today they have come through the noise to be heard.


Today Eric and I want to give you a look at our new Indiana print. The original started as the design for our Save the Date and has since been on sale at Silver in the City. We're giving it a fresh update for all of your wedding (yay for marriage!) and baby shower needs, and it will be available soon as a 5x7, 8x10, and postcard.

Mint! Ombré! Yes!

p.s.  Not a Hoosier? We're happy to help with any state your hometown heart desires. Just message us! Also, if you know a store in your state that might be willing to sell a version of this print, we would be super excited to get in touch.