Quick trip to Michigan

by Cris Lubrick

What do you get when you spend the weekend with 3 photographers in one of the most beautiful spots in the Midwest? Only a handful of cohesive photographs to do your trip any justice.  (apparently) 

We drove up to Saint Joseph Friday evening to catch up with our friends Mike and Kristin. We caught a glimpse of this rainbow in the rear view and naturally had to pull off to get a pic.



We made the rounds to the usual spots: Silver Beach Pizza for schooners of beer, the Phoenix for breakfast, and of course the BEACH.



Huck was the best beach dog, and we didn't even mind the sand he added to our blanket.  


The Dairy Korner has crunch cones that I dream about. 


We made the most amazing meal with fish bought from the farmer's market and a quinoa salad that nearly brought tears to my eyes it was so delicious. We raged some more, talked some more, and made it a late night. The next morning, we took a drive in the sunshine to an awesome little spot in Harbert called Luisa's Cafe. The Swedish bakery next door had goodies we were too full to eat. 

We say over and over that Michigan is a gem, and Eric and I wish that we could spend more time there. Luckily, we'll be heading back up to New Buffalo in a few weeks with family. Hopefully then we will do the beauty of the place and the depth of our travel some justice.  

Mike and Kristin, thank you for an awesome weekend. We love you both, more than words. *cue Extreme

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A few extra shots: 


photo by Kristin Deitrich

photo by Kristin Deitrich


What are you all doing for the 4th? I think we'll stay in town and hope for dry weather. If you're traveling, have a safe trip and enjoy some well-deserved time off!