Bunk Bed Adventure 2013

by Cris Lubrick

We went for a couple of weeks without a post, and I have to be honest and say that we missed it. Because this blog is so new, we don't want to neglect it right off the bat. This new form of connecting has been fun! And a learning experience, for sure. For instance...under Eric's patient guidance and copious amounts of note-taking on my part, I've started taking photos with his old Canon 5d. It's hard and frustrating, and I'm not giving up. So, this post actually contains photographs that I took using both the 5d and an iPhone on my book club's yearly getaway to North Webster, Indiana. 

lake webster indiana

I could go on for days about my book club. I managed to stumble into a group of 13 women, and of those 13, I knew one. We celebrated our 4-year anniversary this spring, and we've been through everything that life tends to bring-- love, loss, children, job woes and joys, and big moves. We have read a range of fiction and non-fiction, poetry, and short stories. And every year, we carpool up to Lindsay's family's lake house.  

badass book club

Friday afternoon, all non-pregnant members (seriously) drove up to North Webster...we went out in the boat, made a ridiculous amount of jell-o shots, grilled out, and played a memorable game of Cards Against Humanity. At no other time in the year do I get so excited for jell-o.  

braids by Cris

In keeping with a girly theme, we're also big on nail polish and hair-braiding. Because sometimes you just need someone to braid your hair. I'm sure you get it. Erin is modeling a crown braid I have done for myself but hadn't yet had the chance to do for someone else. I love it...and I will happily braid anyone's hair who will sit before me. 

Lindsey party

Lindsay, our gracious hostess, happened to have a birthday that Friday. The pregnant members (there are 3) drove up on Saturday. After a day of swimming, boating, jet-skiing, and book discussing (more on that later), we managed to fool Lindsay into staying out of the house while we decorated to celebrate. Katie made cupcakes from scratch, we ate Pizza King pizza (yum), and celebrated into the night.

Lake Webster

See that island out there? Val and I swam out to it and back early on Sunday morning. Erin kept us safe by riding one of the jet-skis. I haven't swam that far since college, and while I was sore for days, it was totally worth it.

Goggles-on-the-forehead-shot for you next: 

swimming on lake webster

A few more things: 

Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand is such a good read. It's an epic true story about the capacity of the human spirit to endure, and it reads like a movie.  It's focused around sports and war but manages to remain so much broader in scope for those that have no interest in either of those topics.

A few of us stayed up Saturday night for the Perseid meteor shower, and it was awesome. We should all head away from the city next year to get a good view. Let's camp.

Melissa has since had her baby--a beautiful girl named Elliette Louise. Congrats!! 

I had a moment where I was riding the jet ski (too fast) into the stream of light that the sunset was shining on the water. And I felt infinite. (name that book)


sunset lake webster

p.s. Lake house decor for the win.  

oar to oar