Quick Trip from Indy: Turkey Run State Park

by Cris Lubrick

Eric just took a trip to Providence, Rhode Island, and while he's processing those images, I thought I'd revisit our Labor Day weekend. 

It was the Sunday after Lobsterfest, and Eric and I somehow managed to get up early enough to go to Long's donuts (yum!) and hit the road with Huck. Our destination: Turkey Run State Park. 

Turkey Run State Park greenery

I was there a few summers ago to canoe with some friends on Sugar Creek, which runs through the park. I have to tell you, though, that I had no real idea where I was at the time. Also, I was "ca-brewing".

The drive was just over an hour from Indianapolis. Eric had purchased an Indiana State Park pass, so we sailed through the entrance, grabbed a map of the trails, and headed into the park. We were impressed with the facilities. There was even a pool to take a dip in if we hadn't had Huck with us. There had been a large amount of rainfall and the suspension bridge to cross Sugar Creek has been closed for the summer. Although wading and swimming was prohibited, we followed the masses and crossed the creek at a shallow point to make it to the majority of the trails. Huck is not a fan of water.


Huck Turkey Run

The trails are as difficult as you make them, but there is true beauty everywhere you go. I was surprised by the rocky ledges and small canyons created by sandstone. We chose a loop created by the 2 most difficult trails, and I even lugged Huck up a couple of ladders.  He was a willing participant.

Ladders at Turkey Run State Park

It was hot, lush, and busy because of the holiday weekend, but it never felt crowded. We had to wait in a few spots to let people pass, but everyone was friendly and in good spirits. How could we not be with views like these?

Turkey Run State Park rock
Turkey Run State Park fallen tree
at the ladders at Turkey Run State Park
mushroom Turkey Run State Park
Cris at Turkey Run State Park

Eric and I both brought our cameras. My most recent assignment was landscapes, but I worked ahead and took a portrait: 

Eric at Turkey Run State Park

Have you taken any quick trips from Indy recently? We'd like to head down to Bloomington or Nashville, Indiana this fall. Any tips or little-known gems?


Images by Eric Lubrick

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