Lobster Fest

by Cris Lubrick

How was your Labor Day weekend? Did you travel or stay close to home? We had a bit of a stay-cation in Indianapolis, which was much needed. I get a little frazzled from too much travel, and it helps me to feel more grounded if I can spend some time at home. It's even better if it's balanced with a healthy dose of quality time with friends. Luckily for us, Erin and Aaron Mooney agreed to pull the trigger on an at-home lobster fest. 

lobster before cooking

Erin is from Maine, and the only other time in my life that I had a whole lobster was 7 years ago at her parents' home in Manchester. The cookout 2 nights before Erin and Aaron's wedding wasn't filled with hot dogs, burgers, and mayonnaise-based salads as it would be here in the Midwest. Instead, we dined on lobster, oysters, new potatoes, bread, and beer. With our hands. Isn't that awesome? 

lobster cooked

The Mooneys had considered having the lobster shipped directly from Maine, but found that Kincaid's, a local butcher, was able to order them to save us on cost. Erin is a professional (really, for a summer she cooked lobster for pay), and we left her to her work. Being that we are in Indiana, we substituted new potatoes for grilled corn a la grill-master Aaron.  (the secret is in the pre-soak)

grilled corn

Zach and Nick had driven down to New Orleans and were on their way back up to Chicago. They made plans to join us because lobster.

cooked lobster
lobster and beer

We had a lot of reasons to celebrate-- Nick and Erin's birthdays were only a week or so before, Erin and Aaron's 7th wedding anniversary was only days away, my birthday is coming up, Zach just finished his fellowship, and Eric and I will have our first anniversary at the end of the month.  So we raised some glasses. Cheers to these four:

zach lobster
aaron portrait
nick portrait
erin portrait

Erin gave us a tutorial on proper lobster shucking, and we ate like kings. Melted butter included. She even taught us how to tell male from female (you don't want to know). The brilliance behind the lobster fest is that there are no utensils; you use your hands for everything and roll the trash right up in a disposable table cloth. Voila. 


What do you think? Have you eaten lobster off the shell before? And were you a bit of a mess afterwards?  

Images by Eric Lubrick