snow day catch-up: Joshua Tree, holidays, and good news

by Cris Lubrick

Happy 2014! We are taking full advantage of a freezing snow day (-9 degrees at the moment) to catch up on our much-neglected blog. We'll play a little catch-up with some of our favorite images and events since our post about Palm Springs, starting with Joshua Tree National Park. We spent our first anniversary in an incredibly magical place. The change of terrain with increased elevation called for more photos than the ones we've chosen, and the sunset was better than amazing. If you need more information about making a trip here, contact us and we'll be happy to help. There's just something about the desert.


In October, we were so excited to say hello to our new niece, Evelyn Faith. Eric's sister, Julie, gave birth on October 24 in Louisville, KY.  Evelyn is so much bigger than this now, but how precious is this baby girl? We included a few photos of her with her Lubrick aunts and uncles, who will spoil her with pretty things in a family of little boys.


Thanksgiving weekend was a blur of driving and family and eating (all great things). We celebrated Thanksgivukkah with our extended family in a log cabin on their family farm. Eric is working on an art project  and was in need of feathers, so we went back out to the farm the next day.  The weather was great, and these photos give me good feelings.


Next up is Christmas. Please forgive these Instagram photos. Resolution for 2014: take more photos of family events with a decent camera. Also: include the entire family.


The most exciting highlight since our last post is likely why we haven't posted at all. Sometimes big events shake you up a little bit and make some of the work that you do feel like it can't compare to the feelings and happenings inside you. At the beginning of November, we found out that we were expecting a baby (!!!). In the beginning of December, we were able to hear and see the little heartbeat. And on Christmas Eve, thanks to new technology and a blood sample from me, we got the news that we're having a baby BOY.


We are due in July, and we are feeling equal parts of every emotion. Mostly excitement and joy and nervousness. We have been blessed by the excitement of those that we've shared the news with so far, and are happy to now share it here. We'll get back in the swing of this blog.

On New Year's Eve, we resolved with friends to "start, stop, and continue" in 2014. 

Cris: start-- finishing all of the projects I tend to start (better follow through?), stop--being unkind to my husband (we can all be a little better to those that we're closest to), continue-- smoothies, exercise, self-care

Eric: start-- caring less about the things that he's not interested in, stop--being lazy (keep pushing art and projects and activity), continue-- fishing (I love him)


Thank you for spending time with us in 2013, and we look forward to exciting new things to come! Stay safe and warm and wonderful.


Images by Eric Lubrick