photo project: feathers

by Cris Lubrick

How are you holding up? We're excited to say that we made it through February and even a March snow without going completely off our rockers. The winter blues hit hard in our household, but we've been keeping busy. I have tried my best to recognize the extra sunshine that has come with the colder temperatures, appreciate the moments of rest that come with shorter days, and bundle up extra warm to get outside and stay active. Eric has had some time in the studio to work on a few art projects, including one using feathers from our trip to the farm over Thanksgiving. I'm really loving the colors and composition-- looking at these photos is a little like breathing in Spring.


We also wanted to share a new Indiana print that Eric is selling at Agrarian, Indy's first and only urban homesteading store. It's right around the corner from us, and while we don't need urban farming supplies, we like to browse the selection of locally sourced gifts, products, and honey. 


Let us know what you think!

And also if you have any good tips for making it through the winter...

Images by Eric Lubrick

p.s. You can see another of Eric's Indiana prints here.